【What is FEMM?】
“FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS” is the official name of plastic dolls that were brought to life by a mysterious organization called FEMM’s Agency Syndicate but it is also a mannequins dance duo that performs in their name. Only mannequins that pass certain criteria can become FEMM and the Agency is constantly on the lookout across the world for plastic diamonds in the rough.

During the process of transforming from plastics to FEMM, we know that they part naturally into the 10 different attributes below and furthermore divide into five different ranks depending on their ability.

【FEMM Attributes & Ranks】
① Military:Product Number MR-00011~
Private → First Class → Sgt. → Captain → General
② Pilot:Product Number PT-00011~
Fright Attendant → Co-Pilot → Pilot → Air Force →Astronaut
③ Nurse & Doctor:Product Number ND-00011~
Assistant Nurse → Nurse → Pharmacist → Doctor →Surgeon
④ Police:Product Number PC-00011~
Security → Cop → Sgt. → Captain → Inspector
⑤ Maid (Appearance of female dolls only ):Product Number MD-00011~
Step Girl → Laundry Maid → Parlour Maid → House Maid → Chamber Maid
⑥ Steward (Appearance of male dolls only ):Product Number SD-00011~
Footman → First Footman → Doorman → Butler → Steward
⑦ Joshi-Kosei/女子高生 (Appearance of female dolls only ):Product Number JK-00011~
高一/Sophomore →高二/Junior→ 高三/Senior → 読モ/Dokumo → カリスマJK/Charisma JK
⑧ Killer (Appearance of angel dolls only ):Product Number AK-00011~
Angels → Archangels → Dominions → Cherubim → Seraphim
⑨ Trador (Appearance of devil dolls only):Product Number DT-00011~
Kakabel → Mephistopheles → Balam → Beelzebub → Lucifer(Satan)
⑩ Spy (Animal Costume/Appearance of female dolls only):Product Number AS-00011~
Black Cat → Black Panther → Black Jaguar → Tiger → Bunny Girl

*LuLa and RiRi are exclusive-attribute and exclusive-rank FEMM without any of the attributes above and their serial numbers are 00000.

【What is the Agent?】
There is always one agent for every FEMM. In most cases, the one who discovers the doll’s gift and brings it to life remains as that doll’s agent. An Agent encourages growth of their FEMM by giving it things and rising ranks as his/her FEMM step up ranks. There is also a syndicate dress code which states that Agents are required to wear all black and to always hide their eyes with sunglasses.

LuLa and RiRi also have high-class agents “W-Trouble” and “Honey-B”, respectively, who always travel with them as their spokesperson.

【Agent Ranks】
Assistant Agent → Junior Agent → Agent → Senior Agent → Chief Agent

※”Honey-B” and “W-Trouble” are granted a special “Agent Zero” rank.
There are also “Agents 1-9” known as the “Secret Nine” as well as a position titled “Agent 10.”

LuLa and RiRi appeared suddenly in Tokyo in summer 2013. The mysterious website titled “FEMM’S AGENCY SYNDICATE” also opened at this time. The website is designed so that users can have a virtual experience of actual syndicate activities through two avatars, “FEMM” and the “Agent.” Users who subscribe to this website through their facebook and twitter accounts and mention FEMM music activities on their SNS, are given points called “MENTIONS.” These points can be used to purchase various items on the website’s “MENTION’S MARKET.” The FEMM avatar’s rank is determined by the number of rank-up-items that appear like medals on their business card. Just like the syndicate, when the FEMM avatar advances ranks, the Agent avatar’s rank also rises.

When registering the account, it is recommended that users select the Agent’s sex according to their sex in real life but the FEMM’s attribute and sex can be chosen at their freedom. The FEMM avatar’s sex can be anything regardless of the user’s sex in real society. When attending the Summit hosted by “FEMM’S AGENCY SYNDICATE”, participants are recommended to appear as the Agent (person) dressed in black with eyes hidden, or as the FEMM (doll) dressed in the gender and attribute of their selection.

There is no rule that only one person can manage an account. In some cases, two people can enjoy sharing an account with one acting as the Agent and the other as the FEMM. In this case, the pair can participate in the Summit as the Agent and FEMM.

When attending the Summit, it is also important to bring business cards. Here, it is customary to exchange business cards as the Agent or FEMM avatar. Here, age and position in the real world mean nothing; everything is about the person’s rank on the website. Do not forget to pay respect to those in higher ranks. The FEMM avatar’s serial number is issued in order of site registration, which means that those with business cards with lower numbers can prove the length of their fan history; but here again, the important thing is their rank on the site and their current number of MENTIONS.

Users who exchange business cards at the Summit can go to the website later and search for serial numbers and avatar names on the “AGENT LIST” to confirm the status of the searched agent or exchange with them on the video comment section.

Every month and every season, the MENTIONS ranking for that term will be announced and the top 9 Agents of that season will be appointed as the “Secret Nine” for that term. Users can receive emails from the Syndicate by registering their mail address and receive special business cards and other various benefits including actual cosplay items for top-ranking agents.

【See here for details on MENTIONS and rankings↓】

FEMM addresses today’s system that gives more benefits the more fans purchase multiple bonus CD’s and the more they spend money. The FEMM idea is a reversal of that system that measures fan love, not by the money spent, but by giving virtual but original points for their intangible promotional activity and passion. This is one of our core messages. It is not criticism. It is an antithesis toward humans, communicated through songs sang by dolls, that love indeed comes in different shapes and sizes. Of course, this is not our syndicate’s main and final purpose.


【FEMM (フェム)とは?】
正式名称は「FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS」であり、謎の組織「FEMM'S AGENCY SYNDICATE」によって、生命を吹き込まれた人形の総称であると同時に、それを代表してアーティスト活動を行うマネキン・ダンス・デュオのLuLaとRiRiのアーティスト・ネームでもある。全ての人形がFEMMになれるわけではなく、組織のエージェントは常にFEMMになる才能 (ギフト)を秘めた人形を探し求めて世界各地で活動している。


【FEMM 属性及び階級】
①ミリタリー型:品番 MT−00011~
 二等兵 → 上等兵 → 軍曹 → 大尉 → 大将
②パイロット型:品番 PT−00011~
 フライト・アテンダント → 副機長 → 機長 → 戦闘機パイロット → 宇宙飛行士
③ナース&ドクター型:品番 ND−00011~
 准看護婦 → 正看護婦 → 薬剤師 → 医者 → 執刀医
④警察型:品番 PC−00011~
 警備員 → 巡査 → 巡査部長 → 警部 → 警視
⑤メイド型 (“外見”が女性の人形のみ):品番 MD−00011~
 見習い → 洗濯女中 → 客間女中 → 家女中 → 寝室女中
⑥執事型 (“外見”が男性の人形のみ):品番 SD−00011~
 従僕 → 執事代理 → ドアマン → 執事 → 家令
⑦女子高生型 (“外見”が女性の人形のみ):品番 JK−00011~
 高一 → 高二 → 高三 → 読モ → カリスマJK
⑧殺し屋型 (“外見”が天使の人形のみ):品番 AK−00011~
 天使 → 大天使 → 主天使 → 智天使 → 熾天使
⑨トレーダー型 (“外見”が悪魔の人形のみ):品番 DT−00011~
 カカベル → メフィストフェレス → バラム → ベルゼバブ → サタン
⑩スパイ型 (“外見”が女性の人形のみ):品番 AS−00011~
 黒猫 → 黒豹 → 黒ジャガー → 虎 → バニー・ガール




Assistant Agent → Junior Agent → Agent → Senior Agent → Chief Agent

※「Honey-B」と「W-Trouble」に関しては、例外の『Agent 零』という階級が与えられている。
その他にも「Secret Nine」と呼ばれる『Agent 壱~玖』や、それ以外にも『Agent 拾』という役職が確認されている。

2013年の夏、突如、LuLaとRiRiが東京に現れ、時を同じくして「FEMM'S AGENCY SYNDICATE」の名を冠した謎のウェブサイトが開設された。サイト内では、"FEMM (人形)"と"エージェント(人間)"という体で2つのアバターが与えられ、実際の組織での活動を疑似体験させるような構造になっている。まずは「facebook」や「twitter」でアカウント登録を行い、FEMMの音楽活動を自身のSNSを通じて宣伝する事で『MENTIONS』と呼ばれるポイントを稼ぐ。サイト内の『MENTIONS MARKET』では、それを用いて様々なアイテムを購入する事ができ、勲章の様に名刺に反映されるランクアップ用のアイテムの獲得数によって、FEMMアバターのランクが決まる。実際の組織と同じく、FEMMアバターがランクアップすれば、自動的にエージェントとしてのもう一つのアバターもランクアップする。

アカウント登録の際、エージェントとしての性別は、現実と同じ性別を選ぶ事が推奨されているが、FEMMとしての属性や性別は自由に選ぶ事ができる。つまり、FEMMとしてのアバターは、現実社会での性別に関係なく設定する事ができるのだ。サミットと呼ばれる「FEMM'S AGENCY SYNDICATE」主催のイベントに参加する際は、エージェント(人間)として全身黒尽くめで目を隠して来場するか、FEMM(人形)として自身が選んだ性別と属性のコスプレで来場する事が推奨されている。




サミットで名刺交換をしておけば、後日、サイト内の「AGENT LIST」から品番やアバター名によって相手を検索し、現在の状況を確認したり、動画コメント欄で交流する事もできる。

各月と季節ごとに各期間の獲得MENTIONSによるランキングも発表され、季間の上位9名は次回の発表まで『Secret Nine』に任命される。メールアドレスを登録しておけば、組織からメールが届き、特別な名刺が贈られる。TOP3に至っては、コスプレの実物アイテムをはじめ様々な特典が与えられる。