【Important Announcement】Cancelation of live performance at Anime Midwest
【お詫び】「Anime Midwest」ライブ出演見送りのお知らせ

Thank you for your support for FEMM.

We have an important announcement regarding the live performance on July 5th and 6th at Anime Midwest - we had been processing for a long-term visa for LuLa, but as we have not yet received the approval from the US government, we would like to cancel the live performance for FEMM at this time.

Anime Midwest has been truly cooperative with the FEMM's Agency Syndicate staff to smoothly process the visa, but due to the delay in the visa processing with our US agent, we'd like to deeply and sincerely apologize for this consequence especially to every fan who had been long waiting for FEMM's live performance at Anime Midwest.

After a thorough discussion with the Anime Midwest event organizer, we would like to challenge for revenge at the Con+Alt+Delete scheduled for December 2019 - we are currently under further discussion. Updates will be announced shortly.

Meanwhile, RiRi will participate in Meet & Greet and Q&A at July 5th(Fri) & 6th(Sat) during Anime Midwest, so hope you will take this opportunity to come and personally meet RiRi.
Many thanks in advance for your kind attention.



この度FEMMは、7/5、7/6にて出演を予定しておりました「Anime Midwest」に関しまして。

出演に向けて、FEMM’s Agency Syndicateスタッフは元より、「Anime Midwest」関係スタッフにも全面的な協力をいただき申請を進めておりましたが、担当をしておりました米国エージェントによる申請作業の遅延が原因で、今回のような結果になってしまったこと、誠に残念でなりません。
また、今回「Anime Midwest」でのライヴパフォーマンスを楽しみにして下さっていた皆様には、多大なご迷惑をおかけしてしまったこと深くお詫び申し上げます。

なお、今回「Anime Midwest」のライブ出演見送りを受け、すでに主催者と話し合いのもと今年12月に開催を予定しております「Con+Alt+Delete」へのリベンジ出演に向けて調整を進めております。

また開催期間中、7/5(金)、7/6(土)の行われますMeet & Greet / Q&Aにて、RiRiのみ出演を予定しておりますので。

FEMM's Agency Syndicate
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